Openwhyd changelog

Bug Fix

February 28, 2020

Adding YouTube tracks

Adrien just deployed a fix that should allow you to post YouTube tracks again!

Let's hope that it'll work well! 


February 27, 2020

🐜 Adding YouTube tracks

You may have observed that it's not possible to add tracks from YouTube anymore, because Google disabled our API key.

We hope to fix this over the weekend, thanks for your patience and understanding 🙏


November 23, 2019

Security first 💪

A volunteer gave some time to look for security vulnerabilities and suggested fixes for most of them.

So we rolled up our sleeves and fixed a bunch of them already!

We apologize in advance if you witness interruptions of service in the coming days. It will probably be us, setting up walls to prevent bad guys from trying to break into Openwhyd!

Thanks for your understanding and loyalty!